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 Below are updates from the DANDE Team Management on how the project is coming along.


Loss of Communication

 May 27th

Tanya Hardon


As of January 9th, 2014 we have been unable to actively command DANDE, however we are collecting passive drag data through analysis of the TLE's. The team is prepared for the return of active commanding and will pick up with the Spin-Up phase when DANDE comes back online. 


Spin Up In Progress

December 1st

Soo Park


We have successfully initiated spin up on DANDE, and have been receiving data. For more questions, please contact our ADC lead, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Also, we have been receiving beacons from DANDE on a regular basis and keeping a healthy file load. Once spin up is complete, we will proceed on to alignment.



Separation Successful

October 30th

Soo Park


We have two major updates today.

Yesterday was DANDE’s one-month anniversary since Launch!

Also, we were able to confirm that DANDE has separated from the Lightband Adapter Bracket over Maui today. The Mission Operations team will start preparation for the next phase, which is attitude adjustment. Tanya Hardon is the lead for the ADC subsystem.

We are continuing to keep DANDE healthy by receiving regular Beacons and making sure files are at a minimum. Since DANDE is still tumbling, preparation for attitude adjustment will be the team’s priority.

Gooooooo DANDE!


DANDE Located

October 24th

Miranda Link


DANDE has now been officially named out of the cluster of unexplained objects from our launch. Since then, our tracking has improved and we are continuing system checkouts to insure the long term health of the system. The Mission Operations team is currently in the final stages leading up to the separation of our LAB bracket system. This step  is crucial to DANDE's mission success, so verification of ideal ejection conditions is a top priority. We will update the status as we get closer to this goal.



Updates from the DANDE team

October 14th

Miranda Link


The DANDE team has been very busy with passes and working on minor issues. The large team has been manning 3 passes per day, which have been divided into a morning and two evening passes. The minor issues seen are being handled internally.

For those who are tracking DANDE, our beacon interval is still 15 seconds, but we are seeing 2.56 second long transmissions of the beacon. We are in process of determining if this is a problem on ground or satellite side. 

Other discussions continue about collecting Magnetometer data in order to quantify our spin rate, as well as discussions on when to separate from the LAB (Lightband Adapter Bracket). A decision on this will be made on Monday morning and coordination with Starfire and JSPOC will be made to track the event for verification purposes.



Launch Successful, DANDE nominal

October 1st

Miranda Link


At 9am Pacific time, SpaceX Falcon 9 Demo Flight was successful, which carried Cassiope, Dande, CUSat and POPACS. 

SpaceX video feed: http://www.spacex.com/webcast/

On the same night, three DANDE passes were tracked successfully, and beacons were seen on all three passes. Another pass monday morning showed that our TLE's were already off, and so new TLE's were found on celestrak.com. Two more passes happened monday night, where the first around 7pm the team varied back and forth between the two TLE's to verify most recent and accurate. At 9:33 pm, the last pass of the night the DANDE team successfully made contact and downlinked Health and Status, as well as some engineering telemetry. After processing this data, the team is targeting thermal data - we believe DANDE is receiving more power from the solar panels than planned so one of the buffers is out of the conservatively set bounds. More updates to come, but nothing so far that is mission critical or concerning.




More press releases here:






Team Anxious to Travel This Weekend 

 September 24th

Miranda Link


The team has heard confirmation that we should expect to launch this Sunday the 29th. The Falcon 9's static fire was successful according to Musk on the 19th.!

If you are interested in watching the Cassiope/DANDE/CUSat/POPACS launch this Sunday, it will be shown live on SpaceX's website. 

(Photo from Elon Musk's tweet "Falcon 9 at sunset")



DANDE in AMSat Weekly Bulletin and AIAA Daily Email

September 16th

Miranda Link


On September 12th, an abstract from the link below appeared in the AIAA Daily email in the "Space and Aeronautics" section. Below is the link for the referenced article from the Daily Camera.



Unfortunately, we did not launch on Sunday. We are currently looking at launch around the end of the month (according to tweets from Elon Musk.)

The following few paragraphs about DANDE were included in the weekly newsletter from AMSat:

"DANDE stands for “Drag and Atmospheric Neutral Density Explorer.” Measuring drag
and neutral particles in the lower atmosphere between 325-400 kilometers, DANDE
will be measuring real time density, quantifying variations in altitude and over
time, as well as providing in-situ model calibration data. The satellite is a
low-cost density, wind, and composition measuring instruments that will provide
data for the calibration and validation of operational models and improve our
understanding of the thermosphere. Weighing approximately 84 pounds, DANDE is
classified as a nano-satellite that is about 18 inches in diameter.

The Colorado Space Grant Consortium (COSGC) has housed the project for
approximately 7 years, in which about 150 students have been a part of the
project through initial concept and design, to the current team of mission
operators. There are two instruments on board which allow DANDE to make in-situ
measurements rather than being passive or only carrying accelerometers. The
subsystem ACC (Accelerometers) contains 6 accelerometer heads arranged in a
circle which were built in-house. The NMS subsystem (Neutral Mass Spectrometer)
also known as Wind and Temperature Spectrometer will survey the variety and
quantity of numerous neutral particles in the Thermosphere. This data will be
particularly interesting during periods of high solar activity do to atmospheric
effects seen at these times in the polar regions of Earth.

DANDE Telemetry System Information:
Beacon Downlink Frequency: 436.75 MHz FM
Callsign: dandecosgc
Data Rate: 9600 baud
Modulation: fsk
Transmit Interval: every 15 seconds
RF Power Output: 0.75 W
Antenna Polarization: linear
http://spacegrant.colorado.edu/beacon/index.php "


The information above as well as information about POPACS and CUSat were included in the letter forwarded to me yesterday (15th). (POPACS and CUSat are two other secondary payloads launching with DANDE and Cassiope.) If you would like this email forwarded to you, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you would like to subscribe to the AMSat weekly letter, visit their website here.




Awaiting Launch / DANDE Press Releases

September 11, 2013

Miranda Link


Currently (as of 4:34 PM MST) DANDE's launch date is slated for this Sunday the 15th. (source) Approximately 10 members will be flying out to see launch and everyone is very excited!

Brenden Hogan and Miranda Link have also gotten a lot of attention with multiple interviews, including a video interview. DANDE's popularity is growing exponentially with just about 500 video views on YouTube thanks to all of the recent attention! Check these out and spread the word! Also, don't forget to like DANDE on Facebook or follow her on twitter.

press releases:



more links to come!



T-30 Days to Launch!

August 5, 2013

Miranda Link


This morning, DANDE and CUSat (a Cornell University satellite) left the Air Force Research Laboratories in Albuquerque New Mexico headed for the launch site! Once the satellites arrive tomorrow to Vandenberg AFB in California, (specifically launch pad SLC-4E) DANDE and CUSat will be going through a final system checkout and prepare for flight. After Cassiope is integrated onto the launch vehicle, DANDE and CUSat will follow. Then we wait for launch on September 5th!

The DANDE team in Boulder is going through final preparations and action item closeouts in order to be a well oiled machine that is prepared for launch. 

More updates to come!


-The DANDE Team



A Change in Location

July 2013

Miranda Link


DANDE will soon be moving to the Launch Site in Vandenberg. The DANDE team has recently undergone a Launch Readiness Review and are wrapping up minor tasks in order to be 100% ready for launch. According to spaceflightnow.com we are looking to launch September 5th, so we will keep you posted!


The DANDE Team


 DANDE is ready for Space!

June 2013

Miranda Link


A lot of things have happened since DANDE was delivered to AFRL last summer.

The satellite recently completed the last of the large list of environmental testing: Thermal Vacuum. Other tests such as Vibe and Thermal Cycling were previously completed, and DANDE's software is checked out and ready for flight!

The satellite is now ready to be shipped out to Vandenberg Air force Base in California, where she will be launched . DANDE, as well as CUSAT (Cornell University) and the CSA's Cassiope will be on board a Falcon 9 rocket at the end of Summer 2013.

Along with getting the satellite ready for launch, the team has been preparing for ground operations and ground communication stability. The team has also been continuing development of the DANDE Mission Operations Planning procedures and expanding science commissioning concepts.

Prior to launch there will be a new section of the Beacon Portal page giving Amateur Satellite Operators and Ground Stations worldwide the chance to track DANDE with updated TLEs and frequency information.

If you are interested in receiving more news about DANDE you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Below are links to DANDE's pages.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spacegrantdande

Twitter: https://twitter.com/COSGC_DANDE





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