Welcome to the Colorado Undergraduate Space Research Symposium

The Colorado Undergraduate Space Research Symposium is an opportunity for students to present their current research and ideas in the Space Industry.  This paper and presentation competition allows students to be published in an official conference proceedings as well as compete for cash prizes.  Students will also be able to compete for prizes in a poster and demonstration session.  College students are encouraged to interact with Colorado Aerospace companies during an informal Career Fair and during the demonstration session.  The CUSRS is organized by the Colorado Space Grant Consortium and we are growing this event every year to include more schools, students and industry.



2017 Symposium was held on Saturday April 22rd, 2017

 at the

Sustainability, Energy, and Enviroment Complex(SEEC)

on University of Colorado at Boulder East Campus

4001 Discover Drive, Boulder, CO 80309



 2017 Symposium Agenda 

Screen Shot 2017 05 02 at 2.47.26 PM


Pictures from the Symposium


Recognized Papers and Presentations

Grand Prize Paper and Presentation and Session A Winner:  The Design and Productions of Low Cost Reliable Thermal Cycler to Conduct Polymerase Chain Reactions

IMG 4424

Session B: HELIOS

IMG 4413 2

Session C: Atmospheric Air Sampling System 

IMG 4410

Session D: Miura

IMG 4416 


Papers and Presentations​

Session Title and Authors  Paper Presentation
 A Payload Video Stabilization Apparatus: Stabilizing a Weather Balloon Payload During a Solar Eclipse - C.Doyle, D.Golden, J.Pineda, O.Pobyeda  Paper Presentation
 A Compact Microscope Viewing of Tadigrades - Z.Thallas, L.Hannis, T.Martinez  Paper  Presentation
 A Speed of Sound Variations with Altitude - M.Dutton, W.Vaceck, G.DiDomenico  Paper  Presentation
 A The Design and Productions of a Low Cost Reliable Thermal Cycler to Conduct Polymerase Chain Reactions - C.Prather Paper Presentation
 A Observing the Efficiency of Spectrum Filter on Solicon Solar Panels in the Stratosphere - K.Pettit, D.Paez, J.Branaum, S.Dusenbury Paper Presentation
 B Modular Robotics System - L.Rice, S.Ryan, C.Prather, C.Biringer Paper Presentation
 B HELIOS - H.Flaherty, D.Green Paper Presentation
 B Odysseus - G.Walker, O.Zanoni, J.Norman, G.Pulido Paper Presentation
 B Control Mathods for Halo Orbits - Y.Bahid Paper Presentation
 C Near Space Environment on Chlorella vulgaris - G.Berrios, N.M.Reyes, G.Morshed Paper Presentation
 C Saccharomyces Cerevisiae to the Stratosphere - Z.Thallas, L.Hannis, T.Martinez Paper Presentation
 C Efficiency of Cyanobacteria Photosynthesis in the Near Space Environment - T.Horvath, S.Gonzales, C.Meha Paper Presentation
 C Flash Freezing Yeast for Space - A.Strange, D.Herrera, K.Hoon, F.Gavermann, P.Gurule Paper Presentation
 C Atmospheric Air Sampling System - A.Slawson, D.Mosier, J.Ramirez, R.Whitley Paper Presentation
 D High Altitude Muon Detection - J.Fender, J.Ringler, J.Morse, R.Angstead Paper Presentation
 D Cost Effective Ultraviolet Radiation Intensity vs Ozone Concentration Study Throughout Various Altitudes of the Atmosphere - D.Kimmey, T.Morton, H.Potton Paper  Presentation
 D Increasing the Performance of Sounding Rockets for Atmospheric and Suborbital Experiments - I.Babazadeh, M.Kasuda, C.Chaves, T.Garretson  Paper Presentation
 D Characterizing a Composite Boom Struture on a Sounding Rocket - V.Nystrom, R.Kloetzel, N.Gentz, R.McCormick  Paper Presentation
 D Miura - A.Paauin, J.Jeffries, B.Lutes, D.Beatty  Paper Presentation


Rover for Simulated Mars Environment - (CSU)

Effects of Near-Space Enviromental Conditions on Vigna Radiata Seeds - (PPCC)

MiniRad Data Analysis - (CU)

Construction of a Hypobaric Chamber for Experimental Plant Growth - (RRCC)

Design and Performance of an Autonomous Rover with Sensing Arm - (CSU)

Exploring Nonlinear Interactions Between Atmopheric Waves - (CU)

Autonomous Robot Team: Overloaded #5 - (CCA)

Autonomous Robot Team: Overdrive - (CCA)

Autonomous Robot Team:  Le Petite Sojourner - (CCA)

Autonotmous Robot Team: Ardweebos - (CCA)

Autonotmous Robot Team: H.E.R - (CCA)

Ground Control Robotics Challange - (CCA)

Autonomous Off-Road Rover Project - (CSU)

Improvement of High Altitude Balloon Core Payloads for Observation of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse - (ACC,CCA,CU,RRCC)

RocketSat-C 2016: A Collaborative Effort - (ACC,CCA,RRCC)


Recognized Technical Posters

Exploring Nonlinear Interactions Between Atmospheric Waves - University of Colorado - Boulder

IMG 4406

Improvement of High Altitude Balloon Core Payloads for Observation of the 2017 Solar Eclipse - MISC.

IMG 4397

RockSat-C 2016 - A Collaborative Sounding Rocket Payload - MISC.

IMG 4401 



 Key Information and Opportunities

  • Present at a Conference and bulk up your resume
  • Interact with Industry during an informal Career Fair
  • Show off your research and projectsIndividuals or teams can submit
  • Any undergraduate engineering or science research applicable to the space community is eligible
  • Write a paper and present or present your research during a poster and demonstration session


 Prize Categories and Amounts*:

  •  1 - Grand Prize (overall highest scoring paper+presentation score): $1,200
  •  3 - Session Prizes (highest scoring paper+presentation score in each session): $400/each
  •  1 - Top Poster (highest scoring poster overall): $400
  •  2 - People's Choice Posters (highest scoring poster/demo scored by  all attendees): $400/each * Cash prizes are awarded per team.  Teams of multiple students share single prize amount.


Important dates for the 2017 Symposium

3/09/2017    Abstracts Due

4/10/2017    Papers Due 7am via Email and last opportunity to register for Poster/Demonstration participation

4/12/2017    Papers Selected and Presenters Notified

4/22/2017    Symposium Day!


CUSRS 2017 Agenda

8:00am      Presenters, Demo/Posters, and Judge Check-in                  

9:00am      Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:15am      Sessions A and B

11:45pm    Lunch

12:15pm    Keynote Speaker

1:30pm      Sessions C and D

3:20pm      Demonstration and Poster Session

4:50pm      Awards Ceremony and Closing Remarks


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